what is a bikini



(Bikini, known as "Bikini" in Hong Kong) generally refers to the swimsuit that women wear when swimming, that is, bikini swimsuit. Swimsuits are arguably the most visually striking garments in the history of clothing, with bras and briefs laced at the back that look like an atomic bomb. Along the bikini bottom, the sexy curve exposed is the bikini line.

What is the difference between a swimsuit and a bikini
What is the difference between a swimsuit and a bikini? When it comes to a swimsuit and a bikini, many people may think that this is a kind of item, and there should be no difference between them. Is that really the case? Let's find out together!

Difference 1: Functionality

Swimwear is used for swimming. It is designed to be light and reduce resistance and is more suitable for swimming. Bikinis are designed for swimming and ornamental purposes. Although they can also be worn for swimming, the effect varies widely and is not suitable for long-distance swimming. sports.

Difference 2: Bikinis are sexier

Bikinis are often more sexy and more revealing, which is what we call "three-point style", and there are many types of swimwear, such as one-piece games, two-piece swimsuits, which naturally include bikinis.

Difference 3: Bikinis have higher requirements on the figure

Bikinis are a favorite of bodybuilding women. You can wear it for a swim in the sea, or use it as a clothing accessory to complement your outerwear. Bikinis have less fabric and more exposed parts. Not everyone has a flat stomach, strong arms and long legs, so many women don't feel confident in a bikini.